Web Design and Development

The Internet is primarily a visual medium and your website is often the way in which your company makes its first impression on potential customers. It is important that your site is appropriate for your industry, professional and consistent with your branding and marketing. A good website design can actually improve your business by conveying professionalism, trust and reliability.

Our development team is the group that builds the tools that make our website work. Using the best tools for the job, we build e-commerce sites, Content Management Systems and a variety of other systems to make your website run as efficiently as possible. When contracting a new site or just renovating with us, we will present the following:

The iSupport.ws design approach starts with a discovery process in which we get to know your business and industry, outline goals for your site, and identify personal visual preferences. Based on this information, iSupport.ws will offer a variety of professional designs to choose from that can achieve the goals outlined. These will be revised until all parties are satisfied with the result. We will incorporate Flash animation, JavaScript, or any other dynamic elements necessary to polish the presentation and usability of the site. As the design is turned into a fully functional website, iSupport.ws ensures that page load time is at a minimum, that the site conforms to current standards, and displays correctly in any browsers the client needs to support.